Saturday, 6 April 2013

2013 Anguilla Boat Race Schedule

Love boat race? Here is a list of races for this year.

MARCH 4th                         RONALD WEBSTER DAY              B CLASS
March 24th                         SOLAIRE CUP RACE                       A CLASS
March 30th                         EASTER SATURDAY                       B CLASS (festival del mar)
March 31th                         EASTER SUNDAY                           A CLASS (festival del mar)
APRIL 1st                             EASTER MONDAY                         A CLASS
MAY                                                                                                  B CLASS (axa regatta)
May 20th                                     Whit Monday                                A CLASS                                                
MAY 30TH                             AXA DAY                                         A CLASS
JUNE 17th                              QUEEN BIRTHDAY                        A CLASS
JULY 14TH                              SXM FETE                                        B CLASS
JULY 28th                               SXM FETE                                        B CLASS
JULY 28th                             PETER PERKINS                            A CLASS
AUGUST 4TH                       SUNDAY                                         A&B CLASS (tropical distr.)
AUGUST 5TH                       MONDAY                                       A&B CLASS (lime)
AUGUST 6TH                       TUESDAY                                        A CLASS
AUGUST 7TH                       WEDNESDAY                                A CLASS (CCB)
AUGUST 8TH                       THURSDAY                                    A&B CLASS (a corn)
AUGUST 11TH                    SUNDAY                                       A&B CLASS (champ of champs) 

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